As you are probably aware the requisitionists lost the first EGM which was down to some UK nominee shareholder companies not getting proxy votes lodged to the registrar through the Crest voting system. This was mainly due to some further complexity around the fact that Karelian Diamond Resources is an Irish registered company.

We cannot trust the system to work properly for the second vote, so we have detailed below what must be done to absolutely ensure your vote counts.

The voting will be very close so please take the time to do what is required to make your votes count.

If you need to ask any questions, please email

The revised process requires you to get a letter of representation from your Broker/ Nominee holder.  It is a more complicated procedure but watertight if followed through.

The reason for this is that your Broker is the named holder on the shareholders register and therefore they have to give their authority for you to attend and vote at the EGM

There are 2 potential Letters

  1. For those people planning to attend the meeting
  2. For those people who cannot attend and are happy to pass on their voting intentions to one of our named representatives that will be attending. 

In addition to this the nominee company has to provide a signed board meeting template allowing the Letters of Representation to be produced. They further have to confirm the names of the authorised signatories.

Getting these letters from the nominee company may require some perseverance as its not normal procedure, please be determined with this as they are legally obliged to comply with your requests.

While this all looks very onerous we will assist by preparing a message template that you can send to your Nominee Company for them to complete.

You can download the relevant pack here

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