A quick update as things progress and some of your questions answered.

Company RNS - 12th June 2019

Alan Osborne increased his holding to 1,740,985 shares, representing 5.05% of the issued share capital.

Question - Why was the EGM requisition only from 3 shareholder rather than the 4 originally specified?

Answer - Quite simply due to a delay getting the necessary paperwork from Mr Coomber's nominee account.

Rest assured Mr Coomber is fully behind our proposals and as per the company RNS of 16th May 2019 Mr Coomber holds 1,410,519 shares, approx 4.09% of the issued share capital

Question - How many votes are required at the EGM for success?

Answer - The vote will be an Ordinary Resolution, and under Irish company law we will require greater than 50% of the votes cast.

We encourage all shareholders, no matter how small your holding, to support us in our efforts.

Question - What is the Rio Tinto agreement the Professor mentioned in the Irish Times article?

Prof Conroy argued that the company has made good progress with its interests. It has a mining permit for Lahtojoki, whose previous owner, resources giant Rio Tinto, has approached the Irish company suggesting that it develop the deposit – if it is viable – in return for a share of the proceeds.

Irish Times, 11th June 2019

Answer - We know that several complaints have been sent to Allenby Capital (Karelian's Nomad) to ask why this new information has never been previously released to the market, we are awaiting a response.

Stay tuned for more updates, in the meantime please spread the word to any KDR shareholders you know.

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