Despite our best efforts and support from many shareholders we have failed to get the necessary votes at the EGM to pass our proposals.

Today’s vote result was obviously disappointing, but at the same time very concerning as it would appear that a significant number of votes did not get through to the registrar on the day

There are two pieces of information that would support this

  1. Two shareholders turned up at the meeting who had previously voted electronically only to be told that their requests had not been received, fortunately as they were there in person their votes were actually counted. Their Broker was Halifax Share Dealing Limited.
  2. The total votes held by the nominated holders who attended the meeting amounts to 10.4m votes, plus the people mentioned above amounts to 10.7m On the day only 11.9m were voted for the resolutions.

We are aware of people on boards etc with largish holdings supposedly supporting the change that would have resulted in a much bigger number

There therefore seems to be a significant issue with votes that have been cast through nominee holders not getting through to the registrar

Can we please ask that anybody that voted double check for confirmation that votes were actually cast

If you find that anything has gone wrong would you please advise us which broker is involved.

This will help us establish what to correct at the next EGM

UPDATE - Halifax Share Dealing Limited identified as not submitting votes despite confirming they had to shareholders

With over 3m KDR shares held by Halifax in their nominee account we wonder how many shares they failed to register.

If your broker is Halifax Share Dealing we strongly recommend you contact them to find out if your votes were also not submitted - PLEASE LET US KNOW. 

We will consider taking appropriate legal action in due course.


Please email us with any updates from your brokers

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