Time for Change

Karelian Diamond shareholders must unite to take the company forward

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The Problem

Karelian Diamonds stated objective is 'To make substantial returns for shareholders'

After 14 years of zero returns shareholders are now facing substantial loses - while the board of directors continues to assure us of 'excellent progress'.

It's very clear there has been little to no progress to benefit shareholders, large amounts of money raised for development have instead gone on directors salaries.

The time has come for all shareholders to unite to force a change of management and direction for the company.

Poor management performance reflected in shareprice

The Solution

A vote of no confidence in the existing Board of directors, with a further motion to replace them with a new dynamic team that will

  1. Refocus operations
  2. Reduce operating costs
  3. Aim to monetise the company's Lahtojoki asset
  4. Clearly communicate to shareholders details of future plans and progress

To achieve this we need the support of all shareholders - the EGM is on 18th October 2019, please ensure you vote.

New management are needed to turn around the company